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9½/10. Brain & Rib Tickler.

Some say the Swallow flying or the call of the Cuckoo is the first sign of summer. But for me, every year without fail, this album announces the sunshine. I cant help it. As soon as the sun comes out instinct takes over and I play this LP start to finish, over and over.

The music itself is amazing. But do some digging on the lyrics and this LP becomes a fascinating window to the past. Tales of deaths all over Kingston from (knowingly?) infected flour to pre-Hiphop gang fight gun deaths and celebration of black pioneers like Muhammed Ali etc. If you only ever own one Reggae/Dub LP, THIS is the one. An indisputable classic, it was famously name checked by Johnny Rotten on radio in 1978 and became a big punk/reggae crossover hit.

It’s a seminal, all-star 1978 album. Produced by Lee Scratch Perry, King Tubby, Upsetter & Scientist and featuring Horace Andy, Gregory Isaacs and John Holt’s vocals. I couldnt even begin to describe it, so listen:

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I cant think of many contemporary bands that have stayed as high on my playlists as Bristol’s scene makers Massive Attack. Ever since 1991’s Blue Lines LP they’ve been a constant on my walkman/cd-discman/mini-disc/ipod. An old reliable friend that went on trips all around the planet with me. Even though I rarely listen to other music of their ilk these days I always find myself returning to them often. A summer is not complete without a few days of Massive Attack tunes in the sunshine!

I was lucky enough to meet and drink with Grant Marshall (aka Daddy G) several times in the late 90s, through my work and you would genuinely be very hard pushed to find a nicer man in any walk of life. A proper gent. Through Grant I ended up meeting 3D (very short, in many ways) and the inimitable Horace Andy, who tried to make me smoke a pure spliff the size of a kitchen roll in the toilets at the Social on Gt Portland St. No wonder that man is ALWAYS smiling. I could barely see afterwards, proper mashed. Whereas he went on stage and killed it.

Unfortunately, at around that same time I decided to move to Scotland so kind of lost touch until last summer’s gig at the Glasgow Academy. We caught up briefly at the afterparty before I had to run off for the last Edinburgh bus. G was still a gent. Horace was still smiling. 3D was still small. And the music was still brilliant.

When I got home I made this mixtape in tribute to a band that have always been exceptional in many ways. Was chuffed with the Lately treatment. In fact, with a catalogue like that it was harder to chose what not to use. And finding tracks worthy of sitting alongside theirs wasn’t easy! Hope you enjoy it.




Massive Attack – Antistar

Madvillain – Savage Beast (Instrumental)

Massive Attack – Blue Lines

Madvillain – Supervillain Theme (Instrumental)

Massive Attack & Mad Professor – Backward Sucking (Heat Miser)

Massive Attack  – Safe From Harm

Lee Scratch Perry – Clint Eastwood

Massive Attack  – Lately

Soulwax – Krack

Chosen Few – Shaft

Massive Attack  – Black Milk

Massive Attack – One Love

Massive Attack – Five Man Army

Madvillain – Do Not Fire (Instrumental)

Massive Attack – Protection

Massive Attack & Mad Professor – Radiation Ruling The Nation

Massive Attack – Angel

Massive Attack & Mad Professor – I Spy

Massive Attack – Be Thankful For What You’ve Got

Heat Sensor ft M Sayyid – Gravy

Massive Attack – Weather Storm

Antipop Consortium & DJ Vadim – Masters

Massive Attack  – Splitting The Atom

Massive Attack – Daydreaming

69 – If Mojo Was AM

Massive Attack  – Sly

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