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I’ve lived in Edinburgh for over a decade now and can count on the fingers of one hand how many times we’ve had snow settle on the ground, let alone enough to get out and shred on. The year before last that changed. I don’t know if it’s as a result of Global Warming but the last two winters have seen Edinburgh get hit hard by snow. In December 2010 it started snowing and just didn’t stop for almost a month.

During that time it melted a bit, then froze, then snowed again several times meaning we had a pretty solid icy base to keep all the fresh snow that fell in good condition. Chuck some beer in the mix and you’ve got street shredding on tap.

My mate, who for now we’ll call Idiot, and I started going to the pub fully tooled up with snowboard gear and boards ready for some action as soon as we’d got some dutch courage. There were some insane spots to hit. Unfortunately, on the first big night out we hiked up to the top of Arthur’s Seat (Edinburgh’s urban “mountain”) in total darkness only to find the snow was SO deep we could barely ride the shallowish inclines back down.

We went back to the pub where Guinness reminded me of a spot Id seen in the summer. An abandoned building site visible from one of Edinburgh’s hills. It was fenced off all the way round but with the help of an upended barrier we managed to climb in. And there it was….. a field of fresh, untouched, knee-deep snow with massive earth structures aplenty to climb and slide and old school graffiti backdrops.

We only had a basic DSLR with no tripod so we spent more time shredding than we did worrying about photos. But I did make sure I’d at least tried to snap a few of Idiot before we left. He told me he’d done the same. All of the photos so far are the ones I took of him. The following are of me.

He managed to take 20 odd shots of nothing, either completely mistiming it or with the lens cap on. And the only 2 he got of me were minus my head, out of focus and basically shit. He’s an idiot.

So when he landed this one, slid out and whacked his face off the drainpipe on the side of the alley…. Karma.

Good times. Fingers crossed for some more city snow this coming winter!

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